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Q. Where can I find the terms and conditions

A. The terms and conditions of hire can be found here

Q. Do I need water, electricity and foul waste connection?

A. Self-contained portable toilets do not need connection to any services but may require servicing depending on the length of hire and number of users. Hot wash portable toilets require a 230v 16 amp connection to an electricity source.

Q. What will you supply with the toilets?

A. Toilets will be delivered with toilet paper, paper towels and soap if fitted with a sink, or hand sanitiser. If consumables run out between services it is the responsibility of the hirer to replenish.

Q. When will the toilet be collected?

A. We will endeavour to collect the toilets as soon as possible after the hire period is over, however it may take up to 7 days to collect the units during which time the toilets are the responsibility of the customer.

Q. Where should I plan on siting the units?

A. You’ll need to plan to site the units where we can easily drop off and collect. If the items are to be delivered to a domestic property we will need access for the vehicle to drop the unit with a suitable place to park. If there is a wall or other obstacles in the way then a crane mounted lorry may be required for delivery and collection. We will also need suitable access to service the units.

Q. How many toilets do I need for my event?

A. To give you an idea of the number of toilet facilities needed for outdoor events, please use our Toilet Calculator. These figures are based on Industry Standard Guidelines.

Q. Do I need to arrange insurance in case of damage or vandalism to the equipment at my event?

A. Yes, it is the responsibility of the hirer to arrange insurance cover for the facilities hired from Flushaway

Q. Will there be an emergency number for me to contact in the event that there is a problem?

A. Yes. If you have a problem out of hours, simply call Adrian main telephone number 01584529445 / 07812410979

Q. Do I require a site visit?

A. A site visit will be arranged if it is necessary. This is usually required if special delivery measures need to be taken into account.

Q. What access is required to the site & how will the toilets be delivered?

A. We would normally expect good access with firm level ground, should the access be difficult a site visit is normally carried out in advance of the event to discuss method of delivery or alternative facilities.

Q. Will the toilets need servicing?

A. This will be discussed at the quoting stage to ensure you have the correct facilities for your event. For events taking place over a number of days, we would normally recommend a service visit or that you have our attendants on site for the duration of the event

Q. What happens to the waste from the toilets?

A. All waste from your site will be collected and taken to a waste disposal site. Flushaway are registered waste carriers and all of our products are as environmentally friendly as possible.

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